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World Socialism Studies Reviews

A new magazine published in China opens a big window on world socialism

by Andrea Catone

We present here the abstracts of the issues of World Socialism Studies 世界社会主义研, a magazine in Chinese directed by Li Shenming, published by the World Socialism Research Center at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), which has been organizing important international conferences for several years, with the participation of hundreds of scholars and researchers from around the world, on topics of great importance such as “Current situation and development trends of global socialism and left-wing thinking” (2013); “The globalization of socialism, inevitable outcome of the path of humanity” (in 2014, 20th anniversary of the establishment of the World Socialism Research Center); “Colourful revolutions and cultural hegemony” (2015); “Developing and innovating Marxism in the 21st century” (2016); “Characteristics of the era of great transformation and socialism with Chinese characteristics” (2017). In addition, two World Culture Forums (2015 and 2017) were held, which clearly set the theme of the struggle for the spread and development of a Marxist and socialist culture at world level, taking the field of culture as one of the fundamental areas in which the class struggle for socialism is practiced.

The magazine World Socialism Studies, in continuity with the activity that has been carried out for years by the World Socialism Research Center, proposes – as comrade Wang Liquiang tells us – to promote cooperation with magazines and study centers all over the world, in the perspective of a tight critique of capitalism and imperialism in all their aspects and a common advance towards socialism. The magazine MarxVentuno, together with the site, feels and intends to be an active part of this collective work at world level, to which the Chinese Communists and Marxists are giving an increasingly important contribution in recent years.

The first issue of World Socialism Studies was released in autumn 2016. A further 12 have followed so far.  In the 13 issues of the magazine so far – 1400 large pages, about 200 articles – the ideological, political and cultural orientation of the World Socialism Research Center clearly emerges. For a comprehensive illustration of the main issues addressed, you can read here “The Chinese magazine World Socialism Studies is in its third year”.